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slight of hand
Anonymous: can you make a gifset of your favorite after school mv? thank you. :)

i don’t know anything about after school tbh i’m so sorry! 

luna during red light era ☆ anonymous

Emotions GK ★ do not edit

best thing about smoky girl: the body rolls

top 10 male biases tagged by giriboi u m

  1. doojoon (beast)
  2. bobby (ikon)
  3. kikwang (beast)
  4. kanto (troy)
  5. changsun (mblaq)
  6. minhyuk (btob)
  7. taemin (shinee)
  8. jihoon (block b)
  9. junhwe (ikon)
  10. jackson (got7)

i tag frankenseob xiuhorrors sungjaesgf ilhoonsgf @whoever else wants to do it!!!

Anonymous: Hi! First I wanna say I adore your gifs, the ones from 12:30 are really nice : ) I have a kind of weird question, how did you gain so many followers in a little amount of time? I'm a new B2ST blog and I like photoshop but I only post b2st so it's kind of scary x_x

thank you so much! i really haven’t gained a ton of followers in a short time; i’ve had my blog for 6 months now and have accumulated them gradually (plus i really don’t have a ton lol) really the only thing i can recommend (?) is to be active and post often? talk to people? idk maan honestly just try to focus on being here to create and reblog and have fun instead of caring about your follower count

12:30 first roof hit on MelOn!

And the whole album is still in TOP10 after 7 hours of release! (via)


[High-Res] ‘Beast CéCi October Issue 2012’ –– Doojoon